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Reader Question:

i am witnessdating in Louisvilleg he for a while now. Really, I state “watching” but we just meet whenever we’re away plus one people feels as though it. We never make an effort to see each other or something. We’ve been buddies for around 24 months now, and on New Year’s in 2010, he had been getting therefore nice and asked if the guy could kiss me. It actually was adorable.

We’re simply really casual. He or she is such a new player so the guy meets other individuals and therefore do I, which meets me personally good. He is thinking of moving another country in September, so thereis no reason for things going any more. However, not too long ago when I see him away, the guy just really makes an endeavor with me whenever I’m overlooking him and vice versa, and when we you will need to get their attention, the guy generally finds various other girl. This truly pisses me off and that I have no idea why because I know we’re not a thing. Carry out You will find emotions with this guy? I absolutely have no idea what’s happening within my mind anymore!

-Niamh M. (California)

Professional’s Solution:

Hi Niamh,

I’m very sorry to-break it to you personally, nevertheless positively have something because of this man. Why otherwise do you really end up being composing me personally and writing on a kiss that occurred several months and months ago on New Year’s Eve? Inside letter, you name he a “player” in which he seems like just that. In the beginning, you could have already been okay aided by the couple going out and maintaining it casual. But similar to females, you have created emotions for him on the way.

Because this guy is actually relocating to a different country in September, I would advise so that you can move ahead. It looks like all this guy really wants to do is actually play video games. Any time you could perform alongside without having your emotions involved, I then’d say enjoy. But let’s be honest, you have already proven that you’re emotionally involved. I say save face and conserve the emotional turmoil of continuously second-guessing yourself. It is time to move ahead.

All the best .,